Zenith Defy Collection – The Classic Open

When you think of a timepiece that is immensely inspired by racing cars, the first thing that inevitably comes to mind is the Zenith Defy Collection. This powerful late 2000s collection is notable for its aesthetic appeal and racy image. A combination of quality materials, innovative design, and intricate attention to detail puts Zenith Defy at the top of everyone’s list.

From its name to its shape, this collection is a good representation of what athletic watches should look like. Zenithium, for instance, is an alloy that’s used to strengthen the regulating mechanism of the watch. Using this material, the house of Zenith has been able to create exceptional cases and movements. Among the most notable watches of this collection is the Zenith Defy Classic Open.

The Zenith Defy Classic Open uses the SC 4021, the El Primero Calibre. It has a vibration of 36,000 every hour. The watch utilizes its trendy appeal at its potential by using a window to reveal the swinging movements within. The case of this timepiece is also constructed using stainless steel. Measuring 43mm or 46.5mm, this timepiece can be bought at either silver or black dial. Retails for $7,000 to $10,000.

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