Gevril: More than a watch company

Sometimes you find a watch company that is more than a watch company. Gevril happens to be one of those “sometimes” companies.
This is a story about a watch company that is not afraid to show what it can do.

I like Gevril. I like the family that owns and operates the company. I like the idea that owner Mr. Friedmann is a man of his own convictions. (He will make a decision and will make it happen.)

Mr. Friedmann seems to be a perfectionist. You can tell this by the quality of the watch dials, cases, hands – and even his brochures and promotional material.

The main reason I like Gevril is because I have looked at the watches and the detail and have spent some time with Mr. Friedmann – and I can tell you that this is a company that is committed. Sometimes it is not the watch company or the mechanics that make a watch famous or sought-after (or one of the top ten best watches in the world). Sometimes it’s the people behind the watch.

Recently I visited Audemars and was so impressed with the people there that my whole concept of the company changed. Sometimes I visit companies and I don’t change my mind at all. Sometimes the watch is really only as good as the people who are behind it.

Patek just produced one that has been certified as a Chronograph by the C.O.S.C. (The Patek may be the first tourbillon to receive that certification.) Sometimes you can get a watch from a company – perhaps like Gevril – that will be your favorite watch from now on.

Sometimes you get a watch that you thought would be the answer to all of your watch needs – only to be disappointed in the timekeeping – or the case – or the service – and your love for the watch wanes. This is mostly due to the people who run the company. If quality control was up to par and the product was good to start with, then you would still be happy.

I am happy with Gevril, the people behind the company and the product itself!

I wore a GMT for an extended road test and found that it is accurate and easy to read, (once I got used to the size and shape) and the GMT feature is really a nice thing to have if you’re on the road. Changing the time and the other time zone is all done easily via the crown. The case is done to perfection! The symbols used on the back and the finish of the case only helped me decide that this is a watch for me.

Sometimes you find a watch that symbolizes an idea or a concept. The classic rectangular Gevril “Avenue of Americas” is really a New York watch. (Note: Only the Oscar Waldan watches, which I love, have come close to being a New York watch.)

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