How to replace a watch battery

Love your relic of a timepiece but hate having to pay to replace the battery? Installing a new battery yourself can save you a trip to the jeweler. It’s you might need include a case holding vise, a case-knife, fine point tweezers, plastic tweezers, a small screwdriver, and of course a replacement battery. You might also want a battery tester, a case wrench, a watch closing hand press, and a polishing cloth. Only good for a watch with a snapback hatchback or screw back.

step 1 Open the watch band or remove it if the band is connected by a clasp remove the spring-loaded pin that holds
it together

step 2 Open the two sides of the case holding vise: Place the watch in the middle and slowly release and tighten the sides, the watch should be held snugly. (If you have a specialized watch or waterproof watch you should take it to a professional watch repair place to prevent any damage to the timepiece)

step 3 Remove the back of the watch. Use a case knife to wedge under the back of a snapback and pop it up. Use a screwdriver to remove a hatchback. Use a case wrench to remove a screw back by placing the tips in the back slots and twisting counterclockwise.

step 4 Move the battery clip out of the way with tweezers for a removable clip or a screwdriver for a screw clip or permanent clip.

step 5 Remove the battery and use a battery tester to check it. If the tester shows the battery isn’t dead then your watch needs repairs. If your watch has two batteries and one is good replace both batteries.

step 6 Remove any dirt and debris from the battery compartment with a pair of plastic tweezers or cleaning cloth.

step 7 Insert the new battery and snap the battery clip back on or screw the clip back into place. If your watch has a screw clip you will need to use a pair of tweezers to hold the clip in place while you twist the screw back in.

step 8 Replace the watch back and secure with the screwdriver case wrench or a watch hand press

step 9 Clean the watch with a cleaning cloth. If you removed the hinge pin on the clasp put the clasp back together
and replace the pin.

step 10 Reset the time on the watch and put it on.

Now you’ll have to come up with a new excuse for your tardiness.

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