Women Wearing Wrist Watches: More Attractive to Opposite Sex?

(Excerpt from Accessories Magazine)
June 15, 2012 by Jeff Prine

Women customarily may wear wristwatches to a job interview—what better way to communicate punctuality?

But besides potential employers, do men notice when a women wears a wristwatch? If so, what signal(s) is she communicating to the opposite sex by wearing a watch?

Turns out, according to a survey by one watch company, men evidently think much more of a woman they see wearing a watch.

The Cadence Watch Company polled its customers asking them: “How does wearing a wristwatch make a woman more attractive?”

Nearly of third of the respondents said that women who wear watches were not only more punctual but also had more depth of character.

“A woman wearing a watch has places to be. She’s on a mission, and that’s sexy,” one of the male respondents added.

Beyond that, 26% of respondents found watch-wearing women to be more sophisticated (“She has class”).

“Our results indicate that women who wear watches are seen by men not only as having more substance, but also as being more confident, more important, and more refined,” said Menaka Sampath, Cadence’s market research director.

“We have also found that many of our male customers tend to think of watches as ‘masculine jewelry,’ and in this way, the wristwatch is a strong point of commonality in dress between men and women.”

For those single women who eschew wristwatches with the excuse “I can tell time with my cell phone,” might want to rethink that especially if they’re looking for a significant other.

Sampath noted, “In practice, wearing a wristwatch can make you look at once more powerful and more approachable–it shows you know how to “play ball” with the guys just as well as with the girls–and that you care as much about function as you do fashion.”

Time does indeed tell!

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