Baby’s First Watch

You’re never too young to start collecting watches, right?

For some of us, the habit developed in our teens. For others, it came later in life when we had more income and more appreciation of the finer things. For some, it came in the crib.

That’s the idea behind Winston’s Baby Watches, an accessory for kids from¬†infancy until 4 years old. Available in black, brown, and camo, Winston’s Baby Watches have¬†a simple button stud on one end and adjustable hole sizes on the other. Each watch is 6 inches long and adjusts for newborn wrists that are usually around 4″-4.5″

It’s simply a baby watch crafted from real leather and a real wooden face. Put in on the baby and the kid instantly has more style and charisma…

I mean, it’s not real… but it’s real cute. Check out the kickstarter and buy now for just $12 each.


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