How to Dress for Success: 5 Simple Tips

Image is often as important for success as working hard. Projecting yourself as an honest, reliable individual worthy of trust and responsibility is essential. Here are five ways to make a great impression wherever you go.

1. Accent your wardrobe with accessories
In a competitive world, little things — a new watch, interesting cufflinks — can go a long way. Start with your tie. If your suit is a sentence, your tie is the exclamation mark, but beware: novelty ties and overly bright colors bring the wrong sort of attention. Don’t mix patterns: wear a solid-color tie with a striped shirt or a striped tie with a solid-color suit.

2. Be punctual
Want respect? Give it. Looking good is about more than what you wear. Keeping your word can be as simple as arriving when you said you would, and this simple action shows that you respect other people’s time. There is no easier way to ruin some one’s perception of you than having them feel like you do not value their time.

3. Wear a stylish watch
Everyone has a smart phone to tell the time. A watch does more than this: it’s the only accessory that gives others a sense of your character. If you want to be perceived as relaxed, casual, and welcoming, a leather-band watch can help you pull this off. In a more formal setting, a metallic face is essential. If you want to be perceived as hard working, down to earth, and respectable, a stainless steel watch is perfect. A stylish watch does not just command respect, it demands it. “Wearing a wristwatch sends a subconscious message to others that you are a force to be reckoned with,” says image consultant Aaron Marino. “It gives a clear signal that the wearer is aware of what the time is, both literally and figuratively.”

4. Think thin
If the occasion doesn’t call for a tie, make sure you accessorize with a belt and a watch. With belts, an easy rule of thumb is to match the color of your shoes. Also make sure your belt buckle does not clash. The more formal an occasion, the thinner your belt. A thin belt and classy tie will project your sophisticated nature in a muted way and tie your outfit together; you can leave it to your watch to make you stand out.

5. Get a pair of dependable shoes
Shoes play a huge role in how others perceive you. Your shoes should showcase you as a hardworking individual. Stay away from gaudy or impractical shoes; comfort and quality are paramount. You want to project an image of functionality and performance with your shoes, not one of frivolity and excess. Keep it simple; wear shoes that are clean, well maintained, and functional.

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