Take The Fifth: Five days of style from an Aussie watch company

“The Fifth.”  The name has two meanings: on the one hand it refers to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, home to New York fashion. And sure enough, watches from the Australian brand exude an urban style: skinny, sleek, stark.

On the other hand, the name hints at the company’s unique business model: The Fifth watches are sold for only five days each month, starting on the 5th of the month. This adds an element of exclusivity to the brand. It also makes for smart business sense, allowing the ecommerce firm to predict future sales and merchandise intelligently, helping to prevent excess stocking and keep costs down for the company and consumers.

Prices begin at $95 for the pastel-palette Tokyo series, which hint to Japanese style with a hand-drawn Ensō-style circle case and a sandblasted finish similar to ink on Japanese washi paper. Watches in the popular New York style run $150, and come with two straps.

The All Black Melbourne watch from The Fifth.
The All Black Melbourne watch from The Fifth.

Our favorites are in the Melbourne series (a nod to the company’s hometown), listed at $105. These are classic modern watches with IP-colored bezels, leather straps, and subdued metal indexing. The movements are Japanese quartz. The All Black (well, the indexing is silver) is a tightly stylish timepiece, good for more than just five days a month.

Of course, watches from the The Fifth only feature one numeral: a roman V on the five o’clock.

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