The Invisible Yet Visible One Million $ Black Caviar Hublot Watch

This is what a $1 million watch looks like
This is what a $1 million watch looks like

Each year Hublot makes a luxury watch worth one million dollars. This time around, the premier watchmakers outdid themselves as they produced a unique kind of watch that gives you an invisibility effect while remaining visible. They called it One Million $ Black Caviar.

How is that possible? Well, they used a lot of black diamonds amounting to 544 to make the case and the dial. It is so unique you think the watch is floating on air while strapped in the wrist. It is truly a work of art with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

It is made of white gold but they were able to hide any traces of gold. They also used sapphire crystals and anti-glass reflector to achieve that invisibility visible concept.

A Hub Solo T is responsible for the movement with manual winding and a power reserve of more or less 120 hours. It has a diameter of 30 mm and a 7.10 mm of thickness. It comes with a black rubber strap with a Hublot logo and 18k white gold clasp.

It took Hublot watchmakers around 2,000 hours of diligent work to make one and from the photo alone, it is definitely worth it.

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