A new wristwatch every month for just $29?

Consumers who love watches but don’t want to pay exuberant amounts of money for a “NICE” watch now have another option. TimedNation is a new subscription service that provides affordable Men’s watches monthly. The best part about their business model is that subscribers get to keep each watch.

“Showy watch buyers of a bull market are long gone, for the most part.” explains TimedNation founder Adrian Kelley. “TimedNation is selling to men looking to make an intelligent purchase; looking to be part of an unspoken club of those who know, recognize and appreciate the complications of a haute horology timepiece!”

timednationThe company works with watch makers to create novel designs and concepts that align with today’s style and fashion. These masterpieces then get passed to our customers! From executive watches to sport luxury brands, we strive to change the way men wear watches. TimedNation is the new way a man can start his watch collection at a practical price. The first month’s subscription watch ships on November 1st, 2017.

The owner of the business is a disabled veteran whoserved in the United States Marine Corps. After his honorable discharge, he went back to his teenage pasttime: collecting wristwatches. “We are frankly tired of the expensive cost of accessorizing” says Adrian. “We figured it was time to get those who THOUGHT they needed a big bank account… a chance to experience luxury and quality for themselves with TimedNation!”

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