Omega Marine Waterproof Watch

We sat down with watch expert Dan Buerk to talk to him about the super awesome Omega Marine watch from the 1930s. Check out the video below.

And here is the transcript of the interview:

OMEGA MARINE Early Waterproof Watch, Rare 1930s Art Deco in 14k Gold.


  • The earliest watch made by the Omega Watch Company. It was made to be completely waterproof in hopes of competing with a new case called the Oyster from the Rolex Brand.

What are the dimensions of the watch?

  • 42mm case from lock tip to lock tip
  • 22 ½ mm wide
  • 17 jewel manual winding mechanism
  • Sliding case with rubber gaskets and a flip lock mechanism that keep it secured.


Vintage Omega 1930s waterpoof watch

What makes this watch special?

  • the earliest example of waterproof watch that was made by the Omega Watch Co.
  • uses a special sliding two part case and gaskets to keep the water out
  • it has a flipping clip on the back of the watch clamping the two pieces of the watch together creating a secured seal when underwater.
  • has a hidden crown that you must remove out of the case in order to wind the watch

How did they advertise it?

  • the actual display of the watch was submerged in the fish tank with fish that is their way of showing that the watch is running under water.

When was the last time this watch sold at auction?

  • It was sold at auction last 2008 for $14,000

What is it worth today?

  • Superb and rare at $10,000


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