WatchAnish Goes Print: Founder Anish Bhatt announces purchase of Watch This Magazine

watchanish-magazine-watch-thisIt’s no surprise that someone who loves the tangible, in-your-hand luxury of fine watches and expensive cars would want a medium more fungible than an Instagram account. But it was still something of a surprise when Anish Bhatt, better known by his handle WatchAnish, announced his purchase of struggling print publication¬†Watch This Magazine.

Rebranded WatchAnish Magazine, the new publication will launch at BaselWorld 2017. Anish posted:

“I’m very proud to announce that WATCH this Magazine has been aquired by WatchAnish!

The first issue of WATCHANISH Magazine will be released at Baselworld 2017. The idea is to show all the things we love (watches, fashion, sneakers, art and design).

Follow @watchanishmagazine for teasers from the magazine before release.”

The print run will probably be slightly less than his staggering 1.7 million Instagram followers, but the new glossy may already be the coolest watch magazine on the market. And it’s not on the market yet.

Edit: here’s the first issue.


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