A Brief History of the Wristwatch

by Jack Wogan

Watches have become famous since the 15th century, when they were brought to people’s attention. They suffered many modifications throughout the centuries. In time, people have developed more accurate technologies that have been used for designing a watch. Before the First World War, pocket watches were commonly used by people. During the war, the soldiers needed a watch that was easier to use, especially for pilots who needed to use both their hands. So, the first wristwatches were created, known as “trench watches.”

The wristwatch made his way to the top very fast. Using a bracelet or a strap, they were easily attached to the wrist and easy to use, without too much discomfort. They were named “trench watches,” because the soldiers have used them for the first time in battles.

Using the same mechanical movement technology as the pocket watches, they were also considered an art collectible or used as jewelry. To fulfil the desires of a world in continuous change, watch designers have created more and more sophisticated models. For a couple of decades, the electric watches were used, until the use of quartz watches.

Watch designers have created special watches for activities such as space travel, diving and many more. But the most common watches used have a more simple design without too many features. Made out of precious metals such as gold or carved with gemstones, personalized or not, watches can represent many types of personalities. Different people with different wardrobe preferences have a real need for a proper watch.

Watches in modern days not only display the time but also the date. Designers have created watches with many other functions, depending on use. They can have alarms, compasses and many other features. People even designed special watches for diving or for space travel. Basically, for any type of outfit, there is a watch that can match it.

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