What clothes go well with my watch?

As watch guys, this is probably the question we get asked the most: What clothes go well with my watch? There are a few good rules: the classier the attire, the classier the watch; black is usually dressier (unless we’re talking rubber or digital); chronos go well with sports clothes. We could tell you more, but we found this video from star stylist Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style.

Check out his video:

Antonio breaks watches into five categories:

  • Dress watches – The key is simplicity. Plain black or white dials. Leather straps. Minimalist.
  • Diver’s watches – Bulky shock-resistant watches with thick bezel. They can be real expensive, but they’re not for dressing up.
  • Chrono watches – Complicated-looking watches. Good for sports and casual wear.
  • Pilot watches – Large, simple to read watches, often with a large crown.
  • Field watches – Throwback-looking designs, often with a cloth strap.

He then breaks down different dress styles — black tie/white tie, business dress, business casual, casual, and sports — and tells us which watches go with which style. Here’s his helpful chart:

His key rules are:

  1. Match The Formality Of Your Watch With The Formality Of Your Outfit: pretty self-explanatory
  2. Leather Complements Leather: match the colors of your shoes, belt, and watch strap
  3. Metal Complements Metal: match your rings or cufflinks with the metal of the watch; a gold-plated watch is best-suited to clothes and shoes in earthy tones, while silver goes with grey, blue and black.
  4. Heirloom Watches Bend The Rules: go ahead, rock the pocket watch
  5. When In Doubt Match Your Watch To Your Shoes

It’s that simple.

Check out Antonio’s guide at Real Men Real Style.


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